Legal Information

Our pledge to the roommate community

Truthfulness of the ads

Roomgo will not keep outdated ads to artificially increase its database or misrepresent its content. We ask our members to tell us if they encounter an ad that is not current. 

Flagging of the ads

Roomgo will remove ads that are prohibited, vulgar or contrary to the spirit of sharing an apartment. Ads with wrong contact information will be removed as well. Members help will be greatly appreciated. 

Service loyalty

Unlike most roommate services, every Roomgo member will be able to access the messages sent by Premium Members without having to be a Premium Member. You do not have to pay to use the site. 

Respect of your Privacy (Spam)

Roomgo will not sell or divulge your personal information without your prior consent. Roomgo will always give you an opt out option to stop receiving Roomgo emails.

Data protection

Your safety and the protection of your personal data is important for us. This is why we reinforced our processes to give you the most out of Roomgo while staying safe.

If you contact our Customer Service, the agent will ask you a few questions related to your account in order to make sure that we are dealing with you, the owner of the account, and that no third-party can access the information it contains.

Moreover, we give you the possibility to modify your personal data, whenever you want to. For this, simply connect to your account, and go to “Settings”.


For more information on the procedure to follow in order to set cookies, depending on your browser, click on the links below. Note that disabling cookies may hinder the proper functioning of Roomgo . This does not restore your anonymity and does not block some Web sites to track your browsing habits.

Browser Cookie
Android & co = genius. Platform % 3DAndroid
Chrome & co = genius. Platform 3DDesktop & oco = 0%
Firefox & redirectslug = activate + and + d % C3% A9sactiver + the + cookies
Internet Explore r
IPhone and Ipad & co = genius. Platform 3DiOS & oco = 0%

Here is the list of the main cookies used by Roomgo, and their use:

Name Use
. AspNet.ApplicationCookie Cookie used for security and authentication of the user
ASP.NET_SessionId Cookie used to track the user's session
ErmSetRadiusHide Cookie used to track the perimeter
rental-search-selected Cookie used to keep rental between facebook redirections
countrySelect Allows to collect information from the country of the user
showUpgradeLightBox Shows a banner for registration during the first visit
Ms-view-type Memorize the radius selected on the map
showEarlyAccessPopup Displays a banner premium during the first visit
GTM Allows the implementation of operations through Google Tag Manager

Third party cookies

Roomgo uses a number of third parties partners who also set cookies on our site to help provide the services that we offer. For more information about the cookies used by these third parties, you can find their privacy policy below:

Company/name of the Cookie Information
Netspick Roomgo uses his Netspick partner to invite Internet users to use our services effectively. This cookie lets us know which of our users come from Netspick.
Natexo Roomgo uses his Natexo partner to invite Internet users to use our services effectively. This cookie lets us know which of our users come from Natexo.
SurveyMonkey Roomgo uses Survey Monkey to ensure that its users are satisfied with its services.
Double Click Double Click allows to offer users relevant ads on Roomgo website.
Facebook Roomgo uses this cookie to identify its users from Facebook.
Exelate eXelate is a 3rd party data provider. eXelate collects anonymous data on various sites by analyzing the behavior of users. eXelate then provided the targeting information marketing specialists to enable them to target their online ads.
eXelate believes that giving consumers a right of control is essential to provide a positive digital experience. eXelate is committed to giving consumers the necessary transparency on interests discovered through their services. eXelate collects no personally identifiable information data, all lift data is completely anonymous.
For an overview of what our marketing partners have defined as your interests and/or refuse to receive some type of targeted ads, go to the privacy of eXelate section:

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