Can you find me a room?

You’re looking for a room to rent? That’s great, you've come to the right place!

Roomgo is a flatshare website and doesn’t operate as an agency, so we can’t recommend or find a room for you. However, we can help you get the most out of Roomgo. 

You’re in full control of your search - To begin, you’ll need to create a search profile. This process is simple and quick. Click here to find out how to create your search profile.

I have created my search profile. What’s next?

Welcome to Roomgo!

With your Roomgo account, you now have access to all the rooms available across the country. Your search results will be based on the information you add to your search profile (e.g. budget, location, etc…), however, you can check other locations on your search page and update your profile information if needed. 

To start your search, click on "Search" in the top left corner of your screen or go to “My ads”, under your name, and click on “Search rooms”. When you find a room you like, click on the advert to obtain more information and contact the landlord. This is the best way to use your account, and we found that the most successful members are those who are active on the website. 

You can refine your results by setting up your search preferences on the Advanced Search Panel located on the left-hand side of your search page.

To keep you posted, we will email you Daily Updates, a list of rooms based on your price and location. You’ll also get notified when you receive new messages from other members. 

We wish you all the best with your search! 

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