Who we are

Our story

Our company was founded in New York launching 1st countries: UK, USA, FR.

We now run the Roomgo business from London for 20 countries around the world. We connect people seeking shared living spaces and provide unique accommodation opportunities around the world.

Our aim is to provide smarter living solutions for a fast-changing metropolitan lifestyle and rising living costs.

Our global platform allows local communities to list, discover and connect with each other. Along the way we help make cities more accessible, build friendships and create new income opportunities for home owners. Our priority is to provide a quick, save and successful search to our users.


As a company we still have many of the original founding team members, still working hard, still passionate about house sharing and thinking creatively every day about how we can better serve our community almost 20 years later.

Roomgo came out of the realisation that shared living is beneficial for everyone involved:

  •          Higher rental income yield for room renters.
  •          Less “voids” (empty properties) or gaps between tenants.
  •          We cut out the agency fees and allow people to communicate directly.
  •          House sharing creates affordable living for people.
  •          Through shared living we create opportunities to live in places otherwise not possible.
  •          Users gain new experiences from meeting people that know the city.
  •          Lasting friendships are made.
  •          People can travel lighter as there is not the need to buy everything for a house.
  •          We offer flexible living where users decide how far to put their roots down.
  •          Finding a place to live is easier if you can find all rooms in one place

What is the core business of Roomgo?

We are a matching platform connecting people with spare rooms in their properties and people looking for a room to rent.

Our service is used by both individuals and professional landlords who are realising the increased earning potential that comes from renting by the room instead of whole properties. Shared living is fast becoming the normal way of life for students and professionals in the world’s biggest cities. We enable our community to find living solutions tailored to their needs.

What does your name mean?

The idea behind the Roomgo name was something simple and easy to understand for users unfamiliar with the concept of shared living. Roomgo exists as 4 different brands around the world.

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