Rules and tips for posting

Roomgo members represent a wide variety of interests, backgrounds and experiences, all gathered for the same purpose to seek flatshare. In order to maintain a safe, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, treat all Roomgo members in a respectful and courteous manner even when disagreeing. Be polite and refrain from using offensive language.

We reserve the right to block or ban, temporarily or permanently, any user’s account without previous notice as we deem necessary.

One of the best things about Roomgo, it puts you in control of your search. You're in charge! So your ad or profile can only be what you make it.

If you don't take a bit of time to work on your posting and tell readers why they might want to reply to you, they won't be motivated enough to take a few minutes of theirs to do so.

Photos: Adding photos to your posting, will not only drag attention to it as it's visually appealing, but it will also show exactly what you are offering as a room owner and will also help you as a room seeker gain more contact as hosts like to know who to welcome into their home.

Description: Adding a well-crafted title, and encouraging or attractive details about the place you have to share, or about you as a roommate, is a handy opportunity to tell anyone why they would want to live in your particular residence, and to give good insight into you and what you’re looking for.

When you no longer need your ad/profile, we ask that you please deactivate it. This is to help you stop receiving future inquiries from interested parties and help keep our platform up to date. You can either deactivate the ad to be able to reactivate it again for future use or permanently delete it.

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